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How to strengthen our immune system? Travel abroad!

There’s so much more to traveling abroad than what meets the eye! Sure, there are the the obvious: incredible sites, amazing food and cultural experiences galore, but have you ever thought about how stepping on new soil, embarking in new territory…whatever you want to call it…actually builds up our immune systems!? We think this is worth mentioning in the thick of flu season in the U.S..

Dr. Mary Ruebush says, “The immune system is like an athlete: To become strong and adept, it needs training and practice. Hyper-sanitized environments deny it that opportunity and keep it sedentary and out of shape.” In our own hometowns we are not only exposed to the same environmental factors that our bodies are use to, but we also spend most of our time indoors. When we travel we spend much more time outdoors – in nature – exploring and exposing our cells to many different particles in the air and on surfaces. In turn this is producing more antibodies in our bodies. Antibodies are proteins that are produced by the immune system to help stop intruders from harming the body.

Scientists have proven that travel is a major stress reducer as well as improves our sleeping habits. These in turn also have a positive effect on our immune system!

The stronger we can build up our immune system, the more it will protect us against future illness! Ready to book your next international flight?!


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