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Harbour Island, Bahamas: It’s not just for the rich & famous!

My husband and I had our eye on Harbour Island, Bahamas for years before we decided to splurge and spend five days there – sans kids! While the island is super family friend and a great spot to bring the kiddos, I prefer to keep this one as a couples only, solo or even girls/guys trip destination!

One of my favorite travel stories comes from this trip! It is not uncommon to spot celebrities on Harbour Island! One day we were biking around (the island is BEST explored by bike…or golf cart!) and I swore I saw Dave Matthews. I didn’t want to stare nor bug him, so I biked on and thought nothing of it. You know – played it cool! It wasn’t until that evening that confirmed I had been right! My husband and I chose Rock House for our accommodations (AMAZING) and whether you stay there or not (there are SO many incredible places to choose from) – their restaurant is one of the best places to go to dinner. So, that night we had a dinner reservation at another restaurant (of course!) and came back to Rock House – heard some rowdy people in the restaurant, but decided that we were exhausted and wanted to go relax in our room. It wasn’t until the next morning when the Rock House owner was apologizing to us for the noise when we realized what had happened. He proceeded to tell us that Dave Matthews was dining at the restaurant with his family & friends to celebrate his birthday! They were getting a little out of hand  so the owner politely reminded them that they had guests staying at the hotel (ahem – that was us – in the room closest to the restaurant!). He had to stop Dave (as in Dave Matthews) from knocking on our door to say he was sorry!!!!!!!! WHAT! We didn’t even hear the noise and ended up being more upset with the owner that he didn’t let Dave knock on our door!!!!

So we missed our chance to have a night celebrating Dave’s birthday and we didn’t see him the remainder of our trip, but it was a highlight! All around the Rock House you will find photos of the owner with various celebs. But, the island isn’t just for the rich & famous.

Is it expensive? Yes. Islands in general are expensive because the cost to get food and various things there is higher. In the case of Harbour Island – it’s coming from an island to an island to an island! So, it is not uncommon to go out for a dinner (be it SO delicious) and see that entrees are over $40! So, we kept our trip to five days.

The great news! Other than the food and incredible hotel accommodations, the island is filled with nooks and crannies to explore that don’t cost any money! You can easily find reasonable activities – such as biking, snorkeling, sightseeing and so on. Walk the beaches. Read a book on the pink sands or at the pool. It’s a small island, only 3 ½ miles long and ½ a mile wide.

Either way – the Harbour Island Wild Bum Guide has you covered with hours and hours of research – from where to stay, the best food, cool things to do, hidden gems, tips/how to get around & so much more! You can create your own adventure on Harbour Island and see it for yourself! What quite possibly is worth the splurge – because it is more remote than Nassau or its neighboring, Eleuthera, the are not a lot of tourists! It truly feels like something special. In our opinion, making it the perfect romantic, solo or girls/guys trip getaway!

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