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What’s the Deal With Micro-cations?

I was recently asked for my thoughts on the idea of micro-cations. This concept is obviously much more appealing to Americans as we so evidently struggle with using our vacation days.  This varies greatly from European countries where they are known to frequently take the entire month of August off or jet set on a six-month honeymoon!


Micro-Cations are GOOD!

After some thought, I realized that Wild Bum supports and encourages ALL forms of vacation, be it a 30-minute drive from your home to a cross-country flight, for three days or an even entire month! With data showing that people leave unused vacay days due to feeling worried about leaving work for an extended period of time – mini-trips still offer the benefits of getting a break from daily responsibilities, reducing stress and using up some of those hard-earned vacation days.

Taking a Mini Trip


Benefits of a Quick Getaway

People need not go far or stay long to reap the life-changing magic of travel. When we immerse ourselves in a different culture, take some R&R days surrounded by mountains or on the beach, studies show that we are deepening connections, broadening our perspective and returning with more energy & zest for life. In the workplace, employees who travel return to work with increased productivity and creativity as well as improved overall well-being. We’re better problem solvers when we get a few days away! EVERYONE benefits from micro-cations.

And, who knows…after a short trip, you might catch the BUG that many of us know oh so well. Next time you might stretch to a week-long vacay, then two and who knows what will happen after that 😉

Mini Getaway



How To Do It Right

A mini-trip is BEST experienced with a blueprint to maximize those precious days away in a new city. A Wild Bum Travel Guide gives us ALL the juicy deets we need to make those micro-cations count! Forget scrolling on your phone during travels, the point is to de-stress, not go MAD! Use a Wild Bum Travel Guide as vetted info, the building blocks, from a BFF you didn’t know you had! Spend those precious days experiencing and taking in all of that micro-cation magic.

mini vacations to destress

Many of our Travel Guides are curated from Wild Bum Guided Architects researching and experiencing their own micro-cations. The days might be short, but that doesn’t mean a mini-trip can’t be just as impactful!

How do you feel about micro-cations?

Happy #wildbumming!

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