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Top Travel Advice from Wild Bum Guide Architects!

Too much travel advice is not a thing so we’ve compiled words of wisdom from some of our Wild Bum Guide Architects! You can even click on their names to pull up their profile on and build community by connecting on Insta. These ladies know a thing or two about travel, living abroad and so much more.  So here we go!

Andrea Peters Wild Bum

Guide Architect Andrea Peters

My number one bit of travel advice is to pack comfortable shoes! I used to try to always pack to be cute and my feet would be miserable.  I purchased a pair of Birkenstocks about 5 years ago, and it was the best decision ever.  They have literally come on every vacation with the exception of ski trips.  They are the best for exploring a new city!

My second tip is to try and be organized before you leave.  I always gather all my confirmations (hotels, rental cars, flight info, tickets/tours) into one email folder so that I have a quick reference on my phone if hiccups/questions arise.

Third tip: if you are checking a bag, pack a few essentials in your purse or small carry on just in case there is a mishap with your luggage.  I’ve had a couple of instances where my bag didn’t make it due to a short layover and it was really nice to still have my toothbrush, extra underwear, and a swimsuit in my small carry on.  Also, don’t check any necessary medications!

Kelsey Kuehl Wild Bum

Guide Architect Kelsey Kuehl

Purchase tickets for museums, tours or events ahead of time. They are usually cheaper and then you don’t have to wait in lines for tickets! Save time AND money.

Kirsten Drew Wild Bum

Guide Architect Kirsten Drew

Don’t get too caught up in the planning of it all. Keep a couple of things you want to see in mind, but also make time to just explore. For instance, if you’re in London and want to visit the British Museum, take some time to wander around the Fitzrovia area. It is quintessentially London and has some great restaurants, galleries, and bookshops that you wouldn’t get to see if you’re schedule is chalked full of tourist attractions.

Leslie Thompson Wild Bum

Guide Architect Leslie Thompson

Don’t cram everything into one trip. If you can, pick one location, stay put, and explore all it has to offer!! If you try to cram in too much, you’ll feel rushed and tired and risk not enjoying a city/place for what it is 🥰

Gretchen Reese Wild Bum

Guide Architect Gretchen Reese

Plan your accommodation(s) and transport BEFORE you begin to plan your itinerary. It will make everything so much less stressful.

Shona Houston Wild Bum

Guide Architect Shona Houston

Definitely go off the beaten path and mingle with the locals! They usually know all the hidden gems 🖤

Female Abroad Wild Bum

Guide Architect Female Abroad

The library is a great resource to check out travel guides without wasting money you can spend on your trip. If you are ever unsure of something, start a post on TripAdvisor, someone has done it before and will give you feedback. Then when you get on location, chat with the locals, they know where the good places are!

Catherine MacLean Wild Bum

Guide Architect Catherine MacLean

Use and pin all the things you want to do, where you’re staying, and where you might eat before you go so you can use it offline during your travels!

Bree Dunn Wild Bum

Guide Architect Bree Dunn

Make use of public transportation (especially if you’re visiting a big city). Usually, cities will offer discounted rates for weekly passes. Organize all of the things you want to do in categories according to the areas and neighborhoods you want to visit before you go!!

*Of course with all of these tips and tricks, you can save your time and frustration by purchasing one of the Guide Architects super crafted, savvy travel blueprints! They are in the know and have you covered to create an awesome adventure of your own!

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