8 Tips for Taking Better Photos While Traveling


How to Take Great Photos Anywhere: A Comprehensive Guide with Tips and Tricks for Better Photography On-The-Go.

Have you ever wanted to get amazing photos on your vacation? Perhaps you have an upcoming trip planned and want to ensure that your memories will be captured to perfection. Whatever the case might be, you’ve come to the right place. This in-depth guide will go over exactly what you need to know for taking amazing pictures from anywhere in the world. We’ve included some great product suggestions and helpful resources; this way you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know. With just a few tools and some helpful tricks of the trade, stunning travel photos are easily achievable! 

1. A Man (Woman), A Plan: Set Yourself Up for Success in Travel Photography

How to Take Better Travel Photos

Before you can get your pictures just right, you need to have your game plan just right. Knowing where you’re going, what you want to capture on film, and in what setting, is the first step toward successful travel photos. 

  • Do Your Research: Know the Area and Pre-Plan Your Photo Ops

Before visiting a stunning destination, it’s a good idea to do your research. This isn’t as hard as it may seem. Many travel websites will have maps available online that can show you scenic points on a map. When you know where you want to take pictures, you’ll save time and avoid hassles. You don’t want to waste your day wandering around trying to find the best spots to take pictures. If you’re going into the unknown and aren’t sure what the most scenic locations are, there are ways to find them for yourself on a satellite map. You can check out Google Earth for free high-definition satellite imagery. 

  • Gather Intel on Scenic Destinations: Ask the Locals

You can also ask around about where to take pictures in an unfamiliar place. There might just be a secret spot that the locals know well and can direct you to. Your travel guide or hotel desk clerk will also usually know about scenic areas or be able to point you in the direction of someone who does. 

  • Have the Right Tools

Apart from knowing where you’ll be going, it’s important to bring along what you will need. Prepping your equipment and taking along the right tools for the job will be essential to any photography endeavor. To select the right photography equipment, you will need to know if you’re going to be primarily taking pictures in wide-open spaces, more closed off and urban environments, or under extreme conditions, in order to know which type of lenses to take in your bag.

2. Take Advantage of the Golden Hour: Know How to Take Photographs at the Right Time

How to Take Photos at Golden Hour

 Timing is very important in travel photography and honestly in any other kind of photography as well. The “Golden Hour” is that magical time right before sunset and right after sunrise. It’s the perfect time of day to achieve breathtaking contrast, perfect lighting, and an ambiance of peace and tranquility. It’s a great time for selfies as well! Other “Golden” times are right before or after a rainstorm when the wind is minimal, or on an overcast day where there isn’t too much glare from the sun. You can read more on the Golden Hour here! 

3. Understand Composition Rules: Take Photos that are Visually and Aesthetically Pleasing

8 Tips for Taking Better Photos While Traveling

It’s also wise to understand the importance of photo composition. This will help to ensure that your pictures are pleasing to the eye, no matter what you photograph. Three important parts of visual image composition are: 

  • The Rule of Thirds

This means putting the strongest elements of the scene you’re taking pictures of at points either 1/3 or 2/3 of the way away from the side or the top of your image. Read more here

  • Creative Angles

Creative angles can help you get the entire scene captured in a single image. They also allow you to get lighting and texture that you couldn’t get from shooting pictures “straight on.” 

  • Great Leading Lines

Great leading lines can help you gain and capture the attention of those looking at your images. 

4. Shoot in RAW: Capture All Image Data First, Edit Later

RAW is a digital file format that captures all of the image data of a picture. When you shoot in RAW with your camera, you can capture more digital image information. This means when you go home and make edits, you’ll have more to work, higher image quality, and cleaner images in general. You can read all shooting in RAW here

5. Have Insurance: Protect Your Gear

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Your equipment can get lost, damaged, or stolen as you travel. So, it’s a smart idea to have travel insurance of some kind. Even renter’s insurance policies sometimes cover equipment like cameras when you travel, so consider checking into it. 

6. Back it Up: Don’t Lose Your Best Images Needlessly

How to Back Up Your Travel Images

If you’re taking great pictures, you probably want to keep them. Backing up your images is essential! Luckily, this tip is pretty easy to follow. Nowadays, many cameras have built-in Wi-Fi for fast and easy back-ups! 

7. Tell A Story: When Traveling, Create a Ballad of Photographic Magnificence

You’re an individual, and so are all of the images you capture. You can showcase your unique story by thinking out the message you want to send before taking your pictures. Remember to tell a story with your images that will mean something to you later. This can be the story of your trip, a statement about who you are, or just the mood of your overall vacation. This way, when you reflect on your photos, you’ll get a double dose of nostalgia and artistic creativity! 

8. Be Patient: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Tips for Taking Good Photos When Traveling

Sometimes, great photos take serious patience. Stay with it and you’re sure to get some amazing shots!               


That’s a Wrap! Final Thoughts…

So, there you have it. Now you know what it takes to get amazing travel photos. With the right equipment, planning, skills, and a healthy dose of patience, and you’ll be all set to capture breathtaking photos on your next adventure!

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