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We are always adding new and exciting travel guides to Wild Bum. With over 600 Guide Architects from across the globe, we have experts on places from the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle, Washington to what it’s like to eat in Tokyo, Japan. When you begin planning your next trip, be sure to check out these resources to make the planning process a whole lot easier, and way more fun. Let us do the searching while you do the wandering!

Here are 4 of the newest travel guides we just hit publish on!

Visiting Golden, Colorado

Highlights include:

  • the perfect little town to see the Rockies
  • hiking for everyone!
  • a COMPLETE packing list
  • where to stay
  • top-notch breweries

Places covered in this guide include Golden, Colorado (the gateway to the mountains), nearby outdoor activities, and more!

This is perfect for hikers and adventure lovers, active folks, a weekend getaway, and all seasons.

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The Ultimate Guide to the San Juan Islands

Highlights include:

  • breathtaking beaches
  • lush forests
  • farm-to-table restaurants
  • incredible wildlife
  • luxury & traditional hotels

Places covered in this guide include San Juan Islands which are located an hour from Seattle, Washington.

This is perfect for a laid-back and relaxing vacation, romantic/honeymoon trip, families (with or without kids), and all seasons.

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The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Japan

Highlights include:

  • the basics if Japanese food explained
  • tips and Japanese etiquette for eating out
  • most incredible places to eat at in Japan

Places covered include the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima.

Perfect for food-lovers, a solo family or friends trip, a cultural getaway, and all seasons!

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Sonoma County for Oenophiles

Highlights include:

  • winery suggestions from a long-time resident
  • discounted experiences
  • amazing places to stay
  • tour artist studios and hike among the Redwoods

The places covered are Sonoma County, California and wineries galore!

This is perfect for wine-lovers, a romantic couples trip or friends vacation, weekend getaway, and all seasons!

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