About Us

Wild Bum is an online global marketplace that offers comprehensive, curated travel guides. Designed by Guide Architects — real travelers who are passionate about sharing their insider travel knowledge. Wild Bum Travel Guides provide a blueprint for travelers around the world to plan their next adventure. Ready to search less and wander more? Join us. #wildbumming

Our History

Wild Bum began as a one-woman show with an undying passion for travel, community and adventure. Spending days and days, if not weeks, researching what makes for a meaningful travel experience for herself alongside her husband, and often times with their three kids in tow. Soon she began selling her travel guides and helping other people travel better.

She saw how some people get excited about researching for travel, while others feel completely overwhelmed. Wild Bum is an online marketplace that unites both those who love to research travel and those who do not, creating one big, wild global movement and community!

Making Our Mark

According to Project Time Off, there were 785 million unused vacation days in the United States in 2018 (an increase from 2017!). Wild Bum is the missing tool to help people use those vacay days…and keep their sanity. Out with the piece-meal and outdated resources that currently exist. In with a one-stop-shop and user-friendly marketplace to seek current, crafted and comprehensive travel guides created by real people, from their real travels!

We are on a mission to shift the mindset around travel. Travel is not a luxury, but rather essential to our health and well-being! Wild Bum isn’t just an online travel guide shop. It’s a lifestyle movement, a community of real travelers providing each other with the industry’s best-curated travel guides.

Mission & Values


Wild Bum is a modern, online global marketplace that evokes a sense of adventure and well-being! 


We inspire the spirit of adventure.

We want to stir the desire to travel through our language, user experience and visuals. Our website will be the spark that ignites the fire of adventure within everyone. And we’ll be a resource that shows the travel-wellness connection, giving information on how travel is proven to be good for our health.

We lead with heart and stay a little wild.

We will always work with the mindset that we’re here to help people, to care deeply about creating connections, providing a quality product and caring about our Architects and adventurers — all with fun, truth and not taking ourselves too seriously.

We create fulfilling experiences.

From the website to the product, we create an elevated experience that hits every one of the human senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. The product serves to provide helpful, current and comprehensive information for a truly fulfilling travel experience. We prove to people that travel is indeed possible for them, help them save time, energy and, potentially, money. We are what they need to finally book that trip!

We cultivate passion within each other.

Our focus on collaboration, encouragement and imagination sets us apart. We’re flexible and always stay open to all ideas and possibilities. When we, as a team, work toward one vision, we are unstoppable. Our undying passion for what we do and a love of travel will shine through in our work, keeping it organic and fresh.

We give back.

We strive to expand people’s worlds and give back to the communities that we visit and are part of.

Lose yourself wholly; and the more you lose, the more you will find.

— Jonathan Van Ness