4-days in the Finger Lakes with a day trip to Niagara Falls

Group 6 Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake, Niagara Falls, New York
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About the location

After several months in quarantine, now is the perfect time to do your research and plan a short getaway trip out of New York City. Located at a 4.5-hour drive from Manhattan and central Jersey, the Finger Lakes region offers the perfect spot whether you are searching for a short family trip, a romantic getaway, or a relaxing escape with friends. I especially love the area around Geneva, NY, and Seneca Lake.
Did you know that at one time, Native Americans told the story that the Finger Lakes themselves were created when a spirit put his hands on the earth, leaving indentations at each of his fingers? In fact, there are 11 lakes and not 10, but still, I like this story. 

Seneca Lake is one of the central lakes, and probably the most well known. It certainly gets a lot of attention with Geneva on the north end and Watkins Glen on the south, and over 30 wineries and 20 craft breweries. Create your own list to visit by exploring the list of my favorite ones mentioned in this Guide.

If you like nature, there is no better way to unwind and recharge your batteries than escaping for a deep breath of fresh air in the Finger Lakes. Weather is walking in the nearby State Parks, biking around the Seneca Lake, or paddling the many waterways, there is nothing so relaxing, peaceful, and empowering.

The Niagara Falls are only 2 hours away from Geneva, NY. You can definitely go there for the day and admired the American and the Canadian sides of the falls.

Guide Highlights

Escape to the Wine Country and the Craft Brewery Region

Seneca Lake is nestled in the heart of Finger Lakes Wine Country and has a wealth of craft breweries. This Guide highlights my favorite ones

Niagara Falls and Buffalo Chicken Wings

Within a 2 hour's drive from Geneva, get to Niagara Falls and lick your lips you savor the original Buffalo's Chicken Wings on your way back

Guide Summary

I have put together a guide to my favorite spots around Seneca Lake and a day trip to Niagara Falls.

Where to Stay
I share the Airbnb I have stayed at, as well as other accommodations in Geneva, NY and around the Seneca Lake I have considered.

Where to Eat
Including breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner, wineries, breweries, and more in Geneva, NY and around the Seneca Lake.

What to Do
There is plenty to do in Geneva, NY and around the Seneca Lake, from the natural beauty of the lake and the State Parks like the Watkins Glen State Park with numerous walking trails to wineries famous for their Riesling wine and numerous craft breweries.

A 4-day Itinerary including one day trip to Niagara Falls
There is plenty to explore around Seneca Lake to spend three full days there and the Niagara Falls are only a 2-hour drive away from Geneva, NY. Something to consider if Niagara Falls are part of your bucket list destinations.

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