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6 Day Road Trip Guide: from Los Angeles, CA to Utah and Arizona

Southern Utah - Zion National Park, Bryce National Park Northern Arizona- Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend and more!

Solo, Family without kids, Active/Adventure, Girls / Guys Trip, Beach, Weekend Getaway
Spring, Summer, Fall
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When stay at home orders were put into effect from Covid-19, my boyfriend and I sought safer modes of traveling. We decided to make a road trip that centered on visiting Zion National Park and Lake Powell. This guide will serve as your one stop shop for a road trip to Zion National Park and/or Lake Powell area from Los Angeles, California. Southern Utah/Northern Arizona has a lot to offer in terms of adventure as well as relaxation. I can't stop reminiscing about the beautiful views we saw and I hope you get to experience the same. 

My friends and I did this trip back in July 2020 and it spanned over 6 days. This is the perfect trip for family and friends who still want to vacation, but be Covid-19 cautious!  

Guide Highlights

Tips for the whole trip along the way!
From where to make pit stops along the way for gas, groceries, and eating to where to stay to make the trip as comfortable as possible!

Details on visiting national parks, hiking, kayaking, and other points of interest/hidden gems
I include information like the hikes we did (such as the Narrows and Scout's Lookout), level of difficulty & gear to prep yourselves with.

Guide Features

Laid-back or Relaxation
Photo spots
Hidden Gems


This roadmap can be used by anyone of any adventure level! While we did do some of the more difficult hikes at Zion, the National Parks have very knowledgeable rangers who can advise you on the best hikes to do for every skill level. I also included points of interest that aren't as strenuous like visiting Horseshoe Bend.

In this guide I will go into detail about the following topics:

  1. Road Trip Overview - General overview of the trip

  2. Road trip Pit Stops - Where to stop for gas, groceries, and where to eat as well as little stops/points of interest in between that's worth checking out

  3. Where to stay - Where I ended up staying and other areas worth staying at 

  4. Sample Itinerary - 6 day itinerary of our trip that we took in July 2020 (includes visiting National Parks, hiking, visiting other points of interest (like Horseshoe Bend), going to the beach, kayaking, etc.)

  5. Tips - regarding the National Parks, points of interest/hidden gems, hikes, kayaking etc.

  6. Packing List and Food Prep Ideas - Gear and food prep ideas to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

  7. Pictures - Pictures of the sites I visited with friends!

Bonus - I include a little map so you don't have to look up every city I mention along the way! 

This guide crafted by:

Allison Young

Engineer by day. DIYing/Creating, Traveling, Garderning or Cooking the rest of the time! Raised in sunny Southern California.

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