7 Day Road Trip Through Southern Iceland

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 Iceland is a seriously magical place that you just won't be able to imagine until you see it with your own eyes! This guide takes you along the stunning southern coast, stopping to explore every must-see location in addition to unforgettable hidden gems. In 7 days, you can stay in 5 different charming Icelandic villages and get to soak in the bright cultural capital of Reykjavik. Each destination on this journey (be it an intimate guesthouse or rushing waterfall) absolutely stole my heart, and I have laid them all out here so you too can have an incredible experience. 

Guide Highlights

Learn About Some Hidden Gems (& How to See Them!)

Far and away the trip highlights for me! But without instructions, hidden gems can be tricky to navigate. Let me save you time and stress.

Explore Bright Icelandic Cultural Life

While hitting the natural wonders, find the best restaurants, hostels, bars, shopping, and relaxing in Reykjavik and all along the route.

Guide Summary

 If you've stumbled upon this guide, you may have already realized... this trip takes a LOT of difficult planning. What's more, the searching, preparing, and problem solving won't end when you touch down in Reykjavik. During my unforgettable trip to Iceland, there were so many moments when my best friend and I thought "I wish I knew ___," or "I'm SO glad somebody told me___!" So, I created this guide to fill in all of those blanks in hopes that you can spend your time soaking in each moment of unfiltered awe. Plus, I share my favorite stops that you may not find while Googling your way through the blog universe. 
You'll find a sample itinerary for a seven day road trip designed for Iceland's warmer season (late spring-early fall). Prepare to be charmed by sweet towns and stunned by miraculous glaciers, waterfalls, canyons, and more. Many of the activities are free and accommodations are affordable with an ideal mix of nice hostels and local "guest houses". But I also lay out a few areas where it might be worth a splurge! This is an active and adventurous trip. Activities are accessible to people of beginner hiking abilities-- just be sure to take your time, hydrate frequently, and soak in the views along the way! This exciting road trip is a perfect adventure for friends, gals/guys trips, solo, or couples' getaways. Sound perfect? Great! Let's get you ready for a trip you'll never forget. 

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