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About the location

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, commonly referred to as DFW or North Texas, encompasses 13 counties and is home to just over 7 million people. The global city is not only filled with tall skyscrapers, historic buildings and trendy neighborhoods, but also some beautiful lakes. Dallas is a flat city that is dissected by the Trinity River, with 11.75 per cent of the city being water, so there are plenty of lakes right in the city to enjoy splashing around in. If you want to do something outdoorsy, lakes are the answer. There are several nice (manmade) lakes around the Dallas-Fort Worth Area for you to swim and sail around. If you’re looking for a (kind of) beach to lie on, a boat to rent, or a board to paddle, you’ve come to the right place. 

This is our list of a few lakes and Parks that are a must visit in DFW.  Visiting DFW is not complete without a trip to the lake enjoying a drink, boating and enjoying great company! 

Guide Highlights

A wholesome outdoor time with family and friends.

DFW offers an array of activities in the lake parks for all age groups to have a great time.

Some of the Lake parks are famous for their Sunsets and is a must visit.

Dallas has beautiful sunsets, especially when the sky is a little cloudy and some of the parks are perfect spots to get mesmerized.

Guide Summary

We bring you some of the best lakes around Dallas Fort worth and the things you can do while visiting them. The guide also gives you some great list of well liked and well reviewed restaurants around each of these Lake parks. It also highlights a few lake parks where you can see some fascinating sunset . 

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