Adventures in Melbourne, Australia

Group 6 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Spring, Summer, Fall
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About the location

Located in Victoria, Australia, along the Southern coast of Australia, Melbourne is a captivating city filled with art, music, nature and coffee. There is so much to be loved and explored in this city. The restaurants are creative and delicious, paired with local wines or tasteful cocktails. Filled with museums and markets, there is so much culture and personality to every inch of this city. I hope you enjoy every second of your trip!

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Whether it's an art museum, street art on the laneways or bright beautiful beach boxes, you'll find something to love in Melbourne.


Set out to find the top beach view, greatest glass of wine, most lively market, best rooftop bar, or most scenic park.

Guide Summary

This guide will take the stress out of planning a (possibly international) vacation with lists of top activities and restaurants. Things to do in Melbourne are endless, but this guide helps you get started with must-see spots such as the famous laneways and gardens.  Melbourne is known for its diverse cuisine, and with this guide you'll hit the top rated and some locally-loved spots. There are tips for navigating a new city, along with lists for accommodations and guides for transportation.

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Local food
Photo spots
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Group 31 Museums
Foodie favorites
Group 39 Art
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Water sports
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