Be a Parisian: a curated guide for the arty & boho hearts

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About the location

Paris is all about style and art. It can be arrogant sometimes but if you have a heart for freedom, style and art of living, Paris can be extremely generous to you. No matter how many days you will spend in Paris, I want you to be like a Parisian, don’t be a tourist. 

I lived in all the hippest neighborhood in Paris, le Marais, Canal st martin, Parc Monceau and Belleville, and having been a freelance writer for different lifestyle magazines I have had precious opportunities to experience the latest happenings. With the time I know by heart the galleries, eateries, concept stores, cocktail bars and other off-the-beaten-track address. All the spots I will mention in this guide are my personal picks that I want to share with the ones who are curious to discover the hidden gems and sensitive to style and art.

This is an insider's guide to...
-Best café, restaurants, pastry shops and bars
-The coolest neighborhoods and the most instagrammable spots
-Quirky Activities
-Something for art and design lovers
-One week as a Parisian

Guide Highlights

Sleep, eat, drink and repeat!

I handpicked the most sought-after and sincere addresses that rock the capital of art de vivre. You deserve only the best

Go off the beaten tracks, I mean it

Get active and get handy. You can keep shining and laughing with a passionate local expert or get lost in the beautiful small streets

Guide Summary

I know a Paris that is young, chic, fun and not arrogant, although I also know many amazingly beautiful places but unfortunately very snobbish and rude. I avoid going to those places in real life as well as when I build this guide. I believe that all the visitors of Paris deserve friendly service and honesty.  So believe me, that all the addresses I mention in this little guide are testified by myself, my friends and other visitors I know. They do amazing job and pay attention to environment and society. They are hard-working and cool people. 

You won’t find the biggest monuments in this guide because I assume that you know what they are. But if you follow my itinerary you will pass them by anyway because indeed they are splendid.  You may need a whole life to really understand Paris but my wish is that you make the best out of it everyday you stay here. This guide is not for everyone but you because we believe we have the similar soul.

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  • Guide Architect

    Nikki WANG

    Nikki WANG

    A Neo Parisian, ex-finance staff, freelance lifestyle writer and world traveler; now an passionate entrepreneur of travel in art and culture

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