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Group 6 Metro Manila, Philippines

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MABUHAY! That’s how we welcome our guests when they arrive in our sunny country. Us, Filipinos, have a very big and warm heart so don’t be surprised if strangers smile at you on the streets. That’s just how we are. In this guide, you’ll find some hidden and not-so-hidden treasures of the city that’ll sure make your time here memorable whether you’re going on a business trip, backpacking, single, with your boo, or with family! Let’s get started shall we?

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We'll be exploring the different cities within this huge capital and get to know what makes that city memorable and unique.

City streets and city eats!

Stroll along the bay, eat street-side balut (duck chick) or try a 10-course mind-blowing meal in 50 of Asia's best restaurants. You choose!

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Oh, Manila! Where do I even begin? This metro capital consists of 16 different cities and has so much to offer. It’s a city that barely sleeps! Experience jeepney rides, walking in a 400 year-old walled city built by the Spanish, bargain-hunting in street markets, exploring Chinatown, eating the infamous Balut (fertilised duck egg) street-side or in one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. You’ll surely never run out of things to do.

The city guide includes some do’s and dont’s, the basic low-down with transport, restaurants, scenic spots, shopping areas, several gems that I frequent, and some hidden gems not even every local knows. Plus a bonus of common Filipino terms that will surely make Filipinos smile when you say them. So what are we waiting for? Tara na (Let’s go) and get started!

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