Beyond Bourbon Street - Your Guide for an Amazing New Orleans Adventure

Group 6 New Orleans, Louisiana
Spring, Fall
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About the location

Having been owned by the French, Spanish, the French again (for a very brief second time around), and finally America, New Orleans is a city rich with so much history and culture. This can be seen throughout its streets, with their exquisite architecture and numerous museums and tours to learn about it's history. There are so many neighborhoods in NOLA, each unique with its own energy, attractions, things to do, and amazing restaurants with many types of cuisines. I think that those of all ages could have a great time visiting this city and find fun things to do whatever the individual preferences are.

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Active Things to Do

Perfect for those who love to be active and experience everything a city has to offer.

Sample Itinerary

My exact itinerary from my long weekend trip! (And for reference, after visiting, I wouldn't have changed a thing!)

Guide Summary

Before I started researching for my trip and actually visited New Orleans, most of what I had heard about from friends was the nightlife in the French Quarter and Bourbon Street. Hence the namesake my guide "Beyond Bourbon Street", this guide focuses on the breadth of other exciting activities and attractions that NOLA has to offer. 

I was blown away when I visited. This guide elaborates on the safer, more heavily trafficked neighborhoods of the city, and will provide you with some options for accommodations, places to eat, museums, parks, walking tours, shopping, and day trips.

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