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Celebrity Life in Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

Solo, Family without kids, Active/Adventure, City, Cultural / Historical, Wellness / Rejuvenating, Weekend Getaway
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Ever wanted to feel like a celebrity? Well then this is the guide for you as it treats you to where the celebrities stay, eat, and activities that they do in the Hollywood North. How would I know? I worked as a concierge & front desk at a hotel for many years. Stories about who is staying where or who got up to what (and with who) spread through the close knit industry like wildfire as we see all. 

Guide Highlights

Feel like a Celebrity
Learn where Celebrities and the big wigs around them stay, eat, and play

Find out what is going on in the city
Also included is a list of movies that have wrapped in 2018 and TV shows that regularly film here

Guide Features

Local Food
Photo spots
Hidden Gems


Updated: September 2018

Downtown Vancouver has a lot going on and a lot of people in such a small area. This guide will help you determine where to stay and eat to increase your chances of seeing a celebrity. If you are not interested in spotting someone famous then it is a great way to act like you are part of the acting elite or maybe even rub shoulders with a producer. Hard to say what you'll encounter in Vancouver but insider knowledge will give you a leg up. What you do with the knowledge is entirely up to you!


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