Charm City — A Weekend in Baltimore!

Group 6 Baltimore, Maryland
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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About the location

Often overshadowed by Washington D.C., many people don't know that Baltimore has a rich culture + incredible food scene. The locals call Baltimore "Charm City," and after visiting there, you'll definitely see why!

In my guide, you'll find:

  • Best restaurants for every meal you can think of (including where to find crab)
  • A breakdown of the neighborhoods — there are so many!
  • Nightlife - where to go out
  • Hidden gems that only a local would know about (hint: Baltimore has a beach!)
  • What to pack
  • How to get around the city
  • + More!

Guide Highlights


I included five pages of the best places to eat/go out. You won't go hungry, that's for sure!


Baltimore's gems are often overshadowed by its crime rate. In my guide I go over the best neighborhoods to stay in and areas to avoid!

Guide Summary

Did you know that Baltimore is one of the oldest cities in the United States? It's also a popular filming destination - think House of Cards, the Wire, Hairspray (Gooood morning, Baltimore!) and more!

A week after I graduated from college, I moved to Baltimore and lived there for almost two years. I had never been to the East Coast before, so I was fascinated by how old and different the city felt compared to the Midwest!

While living there, I spent a huge part of my free time trying out new restaurants and exploring the city. In my guide I included my favorite lesser-known haunts as well as where I'd bring friends/family when they came to visit.

Whether it's the crab or the natty boh, I hope you see the "charm" in Charm City!

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  • Guide Architect

    Josie Raczynski

    Josie Raczynski

    Lover of big hikes, small cafes and eating dessert first. Originally from Minnesota, I now live in Bozeman, Montana, where I love to camp, ski (backcountry and resort), hike, and trail run.

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