Complete Local's Guide of San Diego

Group 6 San Diego
Spring, Summer

About the location

San Diego is the perfect place I call home. I have to stop myself from complaining when it gets to a freezing temperature of below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. There's beaches, nightlife, and culture. However, it's more than just another beach city. The different districts in San Diego is distinct and has a personality of their own. As Ron Burgundy says in Anchorman: "You stay classy, San Diego".

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Google Maps

I saved a list of eateries, bars, and activities for each district on a Google Maps link. This should make it easier to travel by foot!

COVID-19 Warning

Currently, some locations may be close or have different operating hours due to COVID. Take precaution when traveling.

Guide Summary

I split up the city map into three different areas: Downtown San Diego, Central San Diego, and Beaches. Downtown San Diego is the hustle and bustle of the city. It is where most of our nightlife suggestions is located. Central San Diego is the urban neighborhoods surrounding downtown. The atmosphere is more relaxed and low-key. The Beaches list contains the different neighborhoods right by the ocean. These three areas can be divided further into districts.

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    Elizabeth Fabio

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