Escape the Strip - Your Guide for Fabulous Adventures Outside the Las Vegas Strip

Group 6 Las Vegas, Nevada
Spring, Winter
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About the location

Las Vegas is known for the Strip, but it really is an amazing central location for so many other outdoor adventures with a variety of different landscapes.

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So Many Activities!

This guide provides a wide range of activities to satisfy many interests and spans locations across Nevada, California, and Arizona.

Experiences for All Age Groups

This guide provides suggestions for experiences involving varying levels of physical activity so that all those of all ages can participate.

Guide Summary

Las Vegas really is a destination unlike any other. Within the Strip there are so many beautiful hotels, delicious restaurants, fabulous shows and concerts, and tons of shopping. What isn't as highly advertised is how many adventures there are just a short ways away from the Vegas Strip that can leave you with unforgettable memories and one-of-a-kind experiences. This guide is focused on those experiences and gives an overview of some airbnb options near the Strip, hotels, and some cheap(er) eats. (because Vegas has no shortage of pricey restaurants!)

If you're mainly coming to Vegas for the Strip but are looking for a just a fun day away, or you're looking to plan an entire vacation's worth of adventures, this guide will help you with just that! When I went to Las Vegas, I used the Strip as a home base. With nice hotels and delicious restaurants it was the perfect spot to come back to, and then did a different day trip each day!

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