Escape to the Cape - Falmouth Edition

Group 6 Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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About the location

Cape Cod ("The Cape") is one of the world’s most well known summer destinations due to its quaint New England towns, pristine sand-dune beaches, cozy cottages, fresh seafood, vibrant arts and culture scene, unique history, and endless outdoor adventures. At the same time, the sheer number of summer visitors makes planning ahead essential.

Living on the East Coast for 10 years and marrying a Boston native, the Cape is an all time family favorite vacation spot. We especially LOVE Falmouth, a cute and casual southwestern town. It has everything you could want in a perfect vacation within about 20 minutes, and it's proximity to mainland Massachusetts and to fun day trips such as Martha’s Vineyard allows you to minimize travel time and maximize exploration time. And, despite this proximity, it has a special, unique, oasis kind of feeling that makes you feel you're a world away. It's one of those feelings that's almost indescribable. You just have to experience it to understand.

Whether it's a weekend getaway or a week-long stay, come and check out the Cape. I guarantee you'll be wanting more days!

Guide Highlights

A la carte style itinerary inspiration

SO many activities, restaurants, and things to little time. This guide provides dozens of ideas from which you can plan your days!

Day trips to Martha's Vineyard and Chatham

Using Falmouth as your home base, this guide helps you experience gorgeous and historic surrounding areas in just one day.

Guide Summary

This is truly a comprehensive guide that has everything you'll need for your trip, including both general information on the Cape and Falmouth (recommended areas to stay, must try restaurants, and cool things to do) AND specific insider knowledge (what you need to know about beach parking, how to avoid rush hour traffic, and ensuring that your rental home has everything you'll need). 

It also lays out the different options for traveling to and from the Cape and how to get around once you're there, where to stay based on your trip length, and quite the range of activities and things to do...from complete relaxation (think beach time, spa days, and vineyards) to ultimate adventure (think hiking, biking, and boating all in the same day)! Cape tips, etiquette, vocabulary, and a packing list is also included.

Featured in this guide

Local food
Group 31 Museums
Laid-back or relaxation
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Group 32 Historical
Group 36 Shopping
Water sports
Group 33 Walkable
Kayaking / Canoeing

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Cultural / Historical
Family with kids
Girls / Guys Trip
Family without kids
Romantic / Honeymoon
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