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Don't sleep on Nairobi, Kenya- many people come here on their way to safari to Amboseli or Maasai Mara, but don't spend enough time in the city itself. Nairobi is a brimming hub of gritty urbanism, peaceful nature, and smooth cosmopolitan culture. From the bumping cultural and nightlife scene, to quiet nature spots in the city and delicious food, this city has so much to offer. I've lived in Nairobi for more than a year, working as a freelance photojournalist, and have some tips I've gathered through my time here that I'd love to share. Get off the beaten path and find out where you can hang like a local, from live music events at hole-in-the-wall bars to finding the loveliest garden spots to lounge about in. This guide ranges in food prices and accommodation options and is good for any traveler interested in diving deep into Kenyan culture.

Guide Highlights

Elephants + giraffes + local eats & more = oh my!

See and learn about wildlife in some of East Africa's best conservation spaces and discover your new favourite Swahili food all in one day!

Find greenery in the city, but also grittiness in the cool urban spaces

Experience all the different things that Nairobi has to offer.

Guide Summary

The perfect guide for anyone who wants to get a sense of the wild range of experiences that Nairobi has to offer. This guide will show you delicious food, local hangs, and low-key nature spots all over the city, from Karen to Westlands and beyond.

Read up on tips to avoid making newbie mistakes in visiting the city to ensure that you can focus on having the most immersive, stress-free experience!

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