Exploring Chiang Mai

Group 6 Chiang Mai, Thailand
Spring, Fall, Winter
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There's so much more to Thailand than Bangkok and the beaches...like this pretty city in the countryside just few hours north of the lively city. Think green (+other vibrant colors). animals. adventure. temples. relaxation. jungle. & endless views. Easily my favorite city in Thailand. Ditch the standard, more popular cities of travel and go after a little something different! I guarantee you'll have the adventure of a lifetime. 

Guide Highlights


There is no shortage of temples all over this country - the intricate details, history, and local respect of each one is so SO impressive.


Like a city in the jungle. Explore it all from mountain side cafes, to elephants, to tiki huts on the water, endless greenery + so much more

Guide Summary

In this guide, you will find all the necessary recommendations to navigate the city of Chiang Mai like a local (tourist ;) First and foremost, a quick overview of the city - specifically, currency & language tips, lay of the land, and travel tips will be addressed. I've also found several places to stay from luxury hotels to airbnbs and hostels for you to choose from. Being in a different country with a strong language barrier can be a little (a lot) intimidating, so I've put together a list of safe + delicious spots to eat, places to see, things to do +a fun little day trip - from my personal experiences and other traveler's I've seen! With all the highlights already sifted through for you, you'll be able to make the absolute most of your time in this gorgeous city - here's to it!

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