Exploring Croatia In Seven Days

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More and more, people are flocking to this gorgeous European country located on the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is gaining in popularity amongst tourists so I'm sure prices in food and accommodations would be on the rise. Being the budget traveler and all around deal finder, I have included in this guide places that you can enjoy without robbing your wallet. And for those who are as wired as I am and find it hard to sit still, get ready to walk yourself endlessly day to day in cities, parks, old ruins, and sleepy seaside villages. Hike around ancient ruins. Jump on a boat, rent a car and explore the countryside. Or simply kick back and sip a Croatian beer, peel some shrimp and bask in the warmth of the sun!

Guide Highlights

Beauty on the Adriatic !

Calm, crystal clear, aquamarine waters await you. I found it more like a large lake than a sea !

What is up with all these waterfalls?

Plitvice National Park is an amazing array of waterfall after waterfall. Most people come to Croatia just to see the falls !

Guide Summary

From affordable, clean lodging in a major city (right on the water) to an apartment on the Sea in a small little village, this guide will show you all the nooks and crannies of vacationing in Croatia. Budget minded and geared to those who love to explore local foods and see how the other half lives, I have included activities anywhere from simple sightseeing to traversing down the coastline and wandering into the unknown. It's only seven days and why waste your time making mistakes. I already made them for you ! Let me know how you like Croatia. I'm sure you will love it !

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    Nancy Weller

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