Family Time on the Vegas Strip

Group 6 The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada
Spring, Summer
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About the location

Las Vegas - Sin City - The City of Lights - however it is you know Vegas, everyone imagines a brightly lit strip of road where anything can happen and money is just an object to use to get what you want.

While Vegas can be whatever you make it out to be (depending on how much you are willing to spend) it is also surprisingly very family friendly as well. In the 1990's Vegas tried to become the "it" family vacation spot (the MGM Grand was Wizard of Oz themed when it opened) and failed, it did succeed in becoming a top vacation spot for almost everyone, including families due to the variety of hotels, museums, attractions, and just general things you can get up to. 

Guide Highlights

Bring your family to the Vegas Strip!

Museums, tours, shows, restaurants, hotels, exhibits, and more all cater to families, and I will show you your options in this itinerary!

Super easy to find additional information / to purchase activities

Finding legit websites can be a headache; headings are linked to direct websites that can give you more information or even help you book.

Guide Summary

This 2023 Vegas itinerary is focused on family with children no matter their budget as I suggest both free, budget, and luxury options so you can decide what you want to do and how much you want to spend. You will also find hotel suggestions, restaurants that are kid friendly, kid friendly tours, kid friendly shows, and more!

If you are looking for night clubbing, drinking, and gambling tips then this is not the itinerary for you; check out my Vegas - Ultimate Strip

FYI - If you have purchased the Vegas - Ultimate Strip itinerary, 90% of what is contained in this itinerary is included in that one as well.

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    Emily, The Female Abroad

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