Hey Hey, Tampa Bay!

Group 6 Tampa, Florida
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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About the location

Tampa Bay is such an underrated city that I just want everyone to experience for themselves. You can find a little bit of everything in each of the neighborhoods surrounding it - influenced by Cuba, NYC, NOLA, and obviously old + new Florida, it is very eclectic and so so fun to be in. Nestled on the bay, you'll still get the waterside vibes with beach (bay) bars on the sand or views along the infamous riverwalk, while still seeing the greenery/city scenes too. The best part of this city is the fact that it is so immersed in the outdoors too - sunshine state + great weather + gorgeous views, how could it not be?

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Tampa is obvi a city, but the majority of its activities and places to see/eat are centered around that outdoor, sunshine state of mind!


There is a night scene here, but the venues, parks, and everything are soo much more fun to indulge in during that prime daytime happy hour!

Guide Summary

This guide provides all the best foodie spots, scenic drink spots, local activities, and more for you to indulge in in Tampa! You can keep it casual, and eat + drink around town or hype it up a little bit and go to a more lively spot like Sparkman Wharf. You can get your active on and bike along the riverwalk, take a cycle/spin/yoga class, or hangout at Curtis Hixon Riverfront Park. Or you can shop/sight see til you drop in one of the many neighborhoods within TPA. SO much to do, betta get to it! ;)

This is an insider's lay of the land, so you can find what speaks to you the most and explore the city the best way you know how. Guaranteed to leave a smile on your face the whole time you are here. See for yourself!

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    Brittney Stubbings

    Former RVer. Current San Diegan. Find me in the sunshine, with a craft beer in hand, fitting bits of travel into my every day life - and sharing them with you to do the same!

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