How to Make the Most of Your Time in Charleston, South Carolina

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This is the ultimate guide for the best way to spend your time in Charleston, which was voted America’s #1 travel destination. The restaurants and bars that line downtown will not disappoint - there is something for everyone. Cobble stone streets with beautiful churches and historic buildings will make a casual stroll so memorable, while the historic city market and horse carriage ride will make you feel like you took a step back in time! Beaches and low country waiting to be explored by foot, boat, or helicopter. This city is filled with history, even for people who don’t totally geek out on history! The plantations are beautiful, with gardens sprawling throughout the grounds in every season. This guide will have you making time for your next vacation, undoubtedly in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Come Hungry, Leave Happy

The coastal seafood meets southern comfort food, with menus that will blow your mind.

Tours for everyone!

The amount of history and beauty in this city is amazing, pick your tour and get exploring!

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As a top tourist destination, Charleston can be a little overwhelming. This comprehensive guide identifies the top things to do in Charleston, from food to hotels to tours and things to do. Whether your looking for a relaxing vacation or a non-stop adventure, Charleston is the city for you! Take your pick of amazing suggested restaurants and bars, all with outstanding food menus and creative drink menus. This city is packed with history, and this guide suggests tours that fit into any vacation! Navigate the beaches and low country options to explore the outdoors. Visit a plantation that will allow you to explore history and outdoors. Enjoy Charleston to the fullest!!

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