It May Seem Cray - The Grand Canyon in One Day!

Group 6 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Spring, Winter
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About the location

Just as the name suggests, Grand Canyon National Park is, well, simply grand! At 3 million years old, 1 mile deep, 277 miles long, and an average of 10 miles across (18 at its widest point), this famous park is on many bucket lists and attracts over 6 million visitors annually! This makes planning for your trip essential.

There is so much history and so many things to do and see at the Grand Canyon that you could spend a lifetime exploring it. But we know time is valuable, and the good news is that you can experience this bucket list destination in just ONE day! This is exactly what my husband John and I did last September while on our Babymoon in Sedona (just 2 hours sure to check out my Sedona guide for few days in one of the most magical places we've been -! 

After ton of research, our day consisted of traveling to the Park, exploring the Visitor Center, finding the best jaw-dropping viewpoints along the Rim Trail, hiking into the Canyon on several different trails for more jaw-dropping views, picking up snacks and souvenirs, and traveling back to Sedona! It was a lot, but it's 100% doable and worth it and we are so excited to share our journey with you.

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This guide provides all the information you will need to visit the Grand Canyon in one day, including how to get to the Grand Canyon, how to get around once you're there, what to do and see, how to budget your time, specific things to pack, and additional tips for travel and exploration. This guide is meant to be for those looking for a full day of adventure, but can also be adapted for those who decide to extend their visit and split up the things to do and see over time.
For more adventure, be sure to check out my guide to all things Sedona ( and take advantage of special discounted pricing of $65 when you purchase both guides - simply use the code "doublethefun" upon check out. HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

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  • So excited for the Grand Canyon via Sedona!

    Thanks for another awesome, crafted Travel Guide, Maddie! We are headed to Sedona and will definitely head over to Grand Canyon for day - your Guide is super helpful! Nice work.

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    Maddie McElhenny

    Maddie McElhenny

    On a mission to see and experience as much of this incredible world as possible!

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