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About the location

Food allows us to communicate in a way that words can't. Food tourism is a fun way of discovering the culture of a city. A foodie's paradise, Austin is filled with wonderful restaurants that tell the story of Austin.

I've curated this guide to give you a taste of Austin in 3 days, with a little fun and shopping in between meals. Explore the Austin Food scene in the three main sections of Austin: North, Central/East, and South. Made for those new to the Austin food scene, a way to get to know the foundation of Austin through the Live Music Capital's growing and diverse food scene!

Guide Highlights

Vegetarian and vegan options!

Highlighting two venue options for each meal over 3 days, I've checked resources and menus to offer vegetarian, and even vegan, options.

Eclectic Fun!

Have fun at some of the restaurants, bars, and places that make Austin so eclectic.

Guide Summary

I built this guide for those who like to explore a place by its food! I like to call it food tourism. Austin is a large place with a vibrant and extensive food scene. It can be overwhelming, but I've laid out 3 meals a day for 3 days to build a foundation for any first-timer. With two options for every meal, all but one offering vegetarian and vegan options, I worked to include menus that were suitable for most diets.

I've organized the three days by the three main sections of Austin: North Austin, Central/East Austin, and South Austin.
You may choose which section to focus on each day, or you can follow the guide directly and head from North to South over the three days. The choice is yours! 

I've included lodging options that are centrally located for easier access to all three sections. 

Divided by the three sections, as well, I have a page with two activities to try that day, and a bar to try at night, that will give you a taste of Austin!

Featured in this guide

Local food
Healthy food
Photo spots
Foodie favorites
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