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Luxury you Deserve in Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

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"World Class" brings up images of Milan, Paris, London, New York and you don't even need to say where those cities are located as most people know. Vancouver is a city that while not on that list (most American's still think Vancouver, Washington) it will be in the coming years. The understated luxury of the city has brought a lot of celebrities, investors, business people, and more that are wanting to do their own thing without people staring at them or paparazzi following them.

If you have money to show or spend or are you looking to impress someone then this guide is for you. With suggestions on everything from hotels & suites, shopping and tours, restaurants and spas, everything is covered.  

Guide Highlights

Spend your money right
Stay in suites that most people don't know of. Shop till you drop. Get massages in private spa suites. Eat at the best restaurants.

See Vancouver & BC around your schedule
Have private guides & drivers take you around Vancouver to see the cites you want when you want or hop on a seaplane for daytrips around BC

Guide Features

Local Food
Healthy Food
Foodie Favorites
Photo spots
Hidden Gems


Updated: January 2019

As everyone knows Vancouver is Hollywood North and drawing the big bucks, the business and amenities are following. Within a four block radius there are high-end brand shops that you cannot find all together anywhere in the world besides Vancouver. With the history of the city there is a wide variety of accommodation from classic luxury to modern opulence and a variety of room sizes to meet your needs. 

However, besides shopping and sleeping the city offers so much more which is why this is the guide you need.


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