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Group 6 Madrid, Spain
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About the location

The capital and largest city in Spain, located in the heart of the country, this vibrant city is the best place to live the authentic Spanish experience. Overlooked by tourists who think that they'll find the 'real Spain' on the crowded coast, Madrid is relatively untouched by tourism - even though in and around the city there are at least four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The result: locals who are actually happy to make your acquaintance and a pristine mountain range just next door to explore! Feel the beat of this bustling metropolis of luscious parks, 'Botellónes' (block parties) and street art! Come and get lost! Welcome to the good life! 💃

Guide Highlights

Meet locals and eat like a queen!

Discover the most local spots: enchanting parks, plazas and rooftop bars. Meet locals and eat well... without breaking the bank!

La Sierra de Madrid (the mountains)

Explore Madrids many mountainside villages just a short train-ride from the city. Take a day trip or hit the trails and go camping!

Guide Summary

Madrid may be a big city, but it has the soul of a village. Having spent years in Madrid and being a Spanish speaker myself, in this guide I'll introduce you to the best neighbourhoods and parks to meet locals, unmissable cultural events, teach you how to eat like a Madrileño (even if you're vegan!) and help you find the most idyllic mountainside spots. Spend a few days, a week, or just move here already! 

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