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Manchester is one of the most underrated cities in the UK, but not for long! This guide will show you all of the hidden gems that only a local could recommend from the best areas to stay in the city to where to eat and what to see and do. Manchester is just waiting to be explored! 

Guide Highlights

Tips only a local would know.

This guide will bring you recommendations (that are tried and approved!) for restaurants, bars, music venues, museums, and so much more!

Something for everyone!

Manchester has something for everyone: history nerd, art enthusiast, football (soccer!) fanatic, and music lover!

Guide Summary

Manchester doesn't normally come to mind when you think of visiting the United Kingdom. But, as one of the largest cities in England, it should be on your radar. 

In this guide, you will receive recommendations (tested and approved!) from a local (me!). The suggested places to stay are great spots to start from for exploring the city. The places to eat are all amazing and delicious. They are spread out across 4 major areas of the city. What you should see and do is categorized by history, art, sports, and music - something for everyone! 

*SPECIAL FEATURE* This guide comes with a link (only available through this purchase) to my Google Maps list for Manchester that is updated everytime I find somewhere that is worth you knowing about! 

Through this guide, you will get to experience Manchester as a Mancunian does! 

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