Mini Road Trip to Ensenada

Group 6 Ensenada, Baja California
Summer, Fall
$$, $$$

About the location

Ensenada is a major port city that gets in many visitors from cruise ships each year. The city is not hard to miss with its large Mexican flag swaying in the wind at the waterfront promenade. Ensenada is popular for its seafood cuisine, its beaches, and its exciting nightlife.

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If you want an adventured-filled trip with the best seafood and taco suggestions, this guide is for you! I'll delve into the towns I stopped by on my ride down to Ensenada from San Diego. I luckily met up with some of my friends who are locals in the area so they gave me the scoop on the best places to eat. My friend also opened up a brewery with his family recently in downtown so make sure to go and support!

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