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Group 6 Baidoa
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About the location

Baidoa (Somali: Baydhabo) is a city in central southern Somalia, 256 km from the northwestern road to the capital, Mogadishu. It is the third largest city in Somalia, and the fourth in importance after Kismayo. Its population is estimated at more than 800 thousand. It occupies an important strategic position in relation to its proximity to the common borders with Abyssinia and Kenya.

Guide Highlights

Full view of Baidoa, It is called Heba al-Oyoun, after the freshwater springs. And the presence of fresh water in Baidoa is an importan

The city is located on a rocky hill, and it rises about 500 meters above sea level. Its climate is moderate, and its air is dry and free of

Baidoa is divided into two large parts, each completely different from the other: It is large, and it is inhabited by people of different cl

As for the other part of the city, all of its houses are built of stone in the latest style of construction, as they are beautiful, coordin

Guide Summary

The city is surrounded by green orchards filled with papaya, lemons, reeds, bananas, prickly pears, and beehives, which are filled with white honey. All the lands of the region are arable and have many picturesque landscapes that captivate the soul and fill it with splendor and beauty, as trees grow on the rocks. Somali sorghum (msj) is grown in large quantities because it is a great wealth for the people, and it depends on rain water. Charcoal is also extracted from the region’s wood in abundant quantities that are exported to Mogadishu, and many of the residents of that region who work in grazing live on it.

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