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About the location

As the New York song by Alicia Keys says in NYC "There's nothing you can not do!"

It is no coincidence that NYC is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

It's hard to choose what to do in front of a myriad of things the city offers, especially if it's your first time in town.

I've been there with my boyfriend and friends, and in this guide I share my best experiences and discoveries.

Guide Highlights

Main cultural attractions of the city

A list of museums, parks, concert venues and other cool things for your cultural trip in NYC.

A gastronomic itinerary for you to taste various parts of the world without leaving the city

Culinary is one of the main cultural aspects of a country. Enjoy the culinary diversity that only a cosmopolitan city like NYC can offer.

Guide Summary

In this guide you will find all the information you need about major cultural attractions and the best eating places I've found in NYC. You will be able to sample cuisines from all over the world. The information contained in this guide ranges from address, days and hours of operation and phones, to links to buy tickets, itinerary tips and other things ...

If you are going to NYC for the first time and want to do a cultural and gastronomic trip in NYC, this is your guide.

Featured in this guide

Local food
Photo spots
Group 31 Museums
Foodie favorites
Group 39 Art
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Group 38 Bike-friendly
Group 32 Historical
Group 33 Walkable
Group 13 Public transportation

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Cultural / Historical
Family with kids
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    Luzia Cavalcante

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