New York City in the Summer With Children

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Insider's guide to experiencing all this city has to offer with the entire family! You'll get more information than you'll probably need which will only double in support for the next time you come and New York City. Experiencing many family and friend visits over the years, I've hosted my fair share of kiddo's and have perfected mutually exclusive favorites for the whole family to enjoy while visiting.

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Family Friendly Hotel Options

I've listed a range of hotels that cater to families. From high end to budget friendly and even kitchenette worthy options-it's all here.

Best Outdoor Activities

If you're visiting NYC in the summer, I'm betting you want to take advantage of the outdoors. You'll find activities, parks, and much more.

Guide Summary

Look no further for everything you need to know and do with kids in New York City's summertime season. From eating out to visiting the best children's attractions I've detailed out the most exciting places to visit that the whole family will enjoy. Trust me, I've been using this list for years when family and friends visit with kids- and thoroughly enjoy these myself. That's one of the best things about NYC, there are so many attractions and restaurants to offer that it's almost impossible not to have all ages enjoy what you're doing or where you're going. Which is why this 19 page guide will be your tool book when planning your next visit. Below are the categories I've detailed out in length as well an provide best tips and extras to note. It would most likely take you many months to check off all that's in this guide, but that's why you'll always have a reason to come back:)

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Foodie favorites
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Water sports
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