Philadelphia: Sights and Sandwiches

Group 6 Philadelphia, PA
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About the location

Philadelphia is a wonderful city easily accessible via the PHL airport or train into 30th Street Station. It's not too far from NY or DC for a multi-city tour, but there's plenty to do just in Philly to fill a day, a weekend, or an extended stay. Philly is a walkable city filled with amazing eats, historical sights, family-friendly activities, and tons of art. There's something here for every kind of traveler to enjoy!

Guide Highlights

Sandwiches (okay, and some cheesesteaks)

I mean, there's plenty to do in this city, but you're doing it wrong if you're not coming for the food.

Center City highlights

Brief neighborhood descriptions and short lists of suggested typical and mostly touristy sights to aid in your overall trip planning.

Guide Summary

This guide centers on my two favorite things to enjoy in this city: eating sandwiches and taking in all of the amazing sights. 

We're not just talking cheesesteaks here, people! There are loads of amazing sandwiches to try in this city, and this guide will introduce you to some of the iconic ones as well as my personal favorites as a local.  (Note: while there are a few vegan/vegetarian options, this guide was written with omnivores in mind.)

In addition to the food, I've included recommendations for my favorite Philly sights to see while you're in town and all of it is very walkable so you'll get plenty of exercise to digest and work up a new appetite for your next meal. Recommendations are organized by neighborhood within Center City (i.e., maximum a 45-minute slow-paced walk mostly west, south, or east of City Hall).

After all of that, I've included notes to help you plan your trip: from festivals/events to be aware of, the pesky laws around buying booze in Pennsylvania *shakes fist*, ways to make your vacation a charitable one, and other local food recommendations -- it wouldn't be a guide to Philly if I didn't mention soft pretzels and Wawa somewhere. 

Because all of that can be gloriously overwhelming, there is a quick "weekend getaway" suggested itinerary included to get you started.

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  • Guide Architect

    Tricia Tomaszewski

    Tricia Tomaszewski

    I'm born and raised in southern NJ and now a Philly transplant. I love to eat my way through my home city as well as any new towns, so you can expect that most of my guides will revolve around food in some way.

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