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About the location

Scotland is one of my favorite places to visit. The historic past that has shaped its culture, sound of bagpipes, beautiful vistas of the Highlands, taste of Scotch whiskey, excitement from sports, and creation of iconic literature all have a spot in my heart. 

There are many incredible places to see in Scotland and this guide is a great first trip to Scotland, featuring Glasgow, Fort William, Inverness, and Edinburgh. You could easily add and subtract places from this guide. For instance, you could remove Glasgow and add the Isle of Skye. Wherever you choose to go, I promise Scotland will enchant you at every turn.

Guide Highlights

Glasgow, Fort William, Inverness, and Edinburgh - Oh my!

These cities are a great introduction to Scotland and the trip can be completed in 7 days, including flights!

A Scotland for Everyone

My mini guides are for whisky drinkers, fans of TV and film (including Harry Potter and Outlander), nature lovers, and roadtrippers.

Guide Summary

This (31 page!) guide will take you around Scotland as if you went on my road trip with me! It has details on each featured city (Glasgow, Fort William, Inverness, and Edinburgh), including where to stay, eat and things to do (with a Google Maps list so you'll have exact locations and not miss a thing!). Near the end of the guide, there is something for everyone with my mini guides, including whisky, TV and film locations, national parks, additional road trip routes and extra cities. 

And, as always there is a packing list and suggestions for getting around the UK, including tips on hiring a car! 

Grab a guide and see what Scotland has to offer! Happy travels! SlĂ inte!

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