Rome & Tuscany in 6 days

Group 6 Rome and Tuscany, Italy
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Sure, you could spend way more time in these places. But what would you do if someone told you, you only have a limited amount of time. Well, here it is.  This guide is narrowed down for you to spend your time wisely in the best of both worlds : A City and a countryside. Use this information for either your only trip to Italy or see the rest of the country and add this guide to your adventure. Maybe you might be plane hoping from Croatia, France, or Greece. Stop and see these 2 places for 6 days. Or stretch it out longer. This is how I did it given the amount fo time I had. It worked out great. Never felt rushed and was NEVER bored !

Guide Highlights

The city of Rome is enormous and mind boggling . Tuscany is even more spread out and overwhelming. This guide will give you peace of mind.

No need to rob your wallet with this guide. I've taken great care to include affordable options for all your needs in Rome and Tuscany.

Deciding what to do with your time is the hardest part. I know you will agree that I've capitalized on fun and exploration.

This guide is designed for those who have energy but don't want to go completely full steam. Wild and adventurous as well as laid back.

Guide Summary

This is a fabulous guide because of the dichotomy between Rome and Tuscany. One place is a bustling, metropolitan city. The other is a sprawling, wide, hilly, large portion of Italy that is very quite, peaceful and full of treasures. After 3 days in Rome with all the restaurants, shops and museums, the mellow shift to Tuscany will be warmly welcomed. Not to say you won't bet busy there too. Villas, wineries, villages to explore plus more wine, restaurants, shops and museums. 2 very different places. Go ! You won't regret it !

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    Nancy Weller

    I am retired and married, living in the Pacific Northwest. My husband and I love to travel throughout Europe, Mexico and the US.

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