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San Diego is California's second largest city with 70 miles long of pristine beaches. Culinary arts in San Diego Downtown mostly are always offering the hottest and new prepare by award-winning restaurants and chefs throughout the county. If you are always down for a culinary adventure, San Diego is the way to go to try out some new cuisines and new restaurants! 

Guide Highlights

Raised by Wolves

A Speakeasy that style in 1920's liquor store setting with a mysterious and lush interior.

52 Realms of Remedies

A Secret bar with a theme of Chinese medicine that mixes with Asian Liquor and European liquor cocktails with great fusion food.

Guide Summary

In this guide, you will find a list of Speakeasies winery and bars in San Diego, which you will need if you are planning an adventurous night out with the girls (or boys) or for a date night. Being a Diegan for a while, I have went to these Speakeasies for more than once and always bring out the best night among friends and lovers. Of course, you don't want to ruin the vibe if you are trying to find parking for a long time or having to put on waitlist for a very long time. In this guide, I will give you tips on where to park, and how to avoid putting on waitlist and other miscellaneous to keep the night alive and wild. 

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