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You've seen the pictures and heard the stories, and now you want to go and explore for yourself? That was the position I was in when I booked our short trip to Iceland this December. However, I was shocked to see that to go and see most things, it was the norm to pay copious amounts of money to get on a coach and be driven to the various locations. Not my style, I found an incredible car hire company, hired a 4x4 and spent hours and hours researching how to see the sights without a guide. Don't want to waste hours researching? Don't know where to look? Well, look here! I've put down 3 simple to follow self-drive days focused around Reykjavik. I guarantee you will save money by buying this guide!

Guide Highlights

Three easy to follow plans to see the best of South West Iceland

Step-by-step plans with maps so that you can enjoy your day trips without worrying about the logistics

Food, shopping and more about Reykjavik

Reykjavik might be an expensive city, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it! The guide outlines the best places to eat and drink coffee.

Guide Summary

Perfect for adventurers, couples, photographers, families and travel junkies, Iceland has it all. 

It's no secret that Iceland will cost more than your average holiday, and so it's important to budget well. This guide finds you the best places to stay, eat and visit, all on a budget. 

Self drive day trips: 

  • Hvalfjörður fjord - beautiful views and incredible photospots. A great introduction to Iceland
  • Reykjadalur - "Steam valley" an hour walk to go and bathe in a hot water river. You might never want to leave.
  • Golden Circle - A guide to Iceland wouldn't be complete without a Golden Circle plan. 

  • Secret Lagoon - tips and tricks about visiting Iceland's lesser known spa lagoon!

Featured in this guide

Photo spots
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Laid-back or relaxation
Group 14 Hidden Gems
Group 32 Historical
Group 36 Shopping

Great for these trips

Family with kids
Family without kids
Romantic / Honeymoon
Active / Adventure
Wellness / Rejuvenating
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    Kate Bamford

    Kate Bamford

    PhD student traveller, queen of value trips and budget globe-trotting. My goal for every trip is to find the different and quirky.

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