Smoky Mountain Getaway

Group 6 Gatlinburg, TN
Spring, Summer, Fall
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About the location

This is our favorite vacation spot. There is no shortage of things to do outdoors from hikes to white water rafting this area has it all. There's also plenty of shows and other attractions to explore as well. The views here are phenomenal and wildlife is abundant. 

Guide Highlights


Waterfalls and mountain views in this area are prolific. Several of our all time favorite hikes are in this area.

Thrill Seekers Activities

From white water rafting, indoor skydiving, and zip lining the Smoky Mountains will deliver a dose of adrenaline.

Guide Summary

This guide is for individuals, couples, or even families that want an outdoor centered vacation. Also included are a few select shows and indoor activities. I only included the highest rated or our personal favorite places so you won't have a ton of things to sift through. With a 7 day planned itinerary and extra hikes included outside of that; there will be plenty to keep you entertained and active. I also added a few of our favorite day trips in the area to the itinerary (2.5 hour drive from Gatlinburg). I promise the drive is worth it! From hotels, and camping to the best restaurants this guide has it all planned out for you!

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  • Guide Architect

    Aimee Pence

    Aimee Pence

    I am a momma to two young girls! We love to camp and explore the outdoors! We camp and hike every chance we get.

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