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This guide is going to give you everything you need to enjoy my amazing hometown city. Sacramento isn’t the first place that comes to mind when visiting California, I’d love to be the one to change that. We are the Capital of the State, but not many people actually know that. Most people think of us as a gas stop on the way to Lake Tahoe. To tell you the truth if you just showed up here one day with no guidance, you might not be able to figure out what to do. Sacramento is a locals city, not a tourist city. But that doesn’t mean we don’t pack a punch in the fun department, you just gotta know where to find it. Sacramento is a city full of art, local food, amazing coffee and some of the best free events around. My favorite thing about us is our support in each other. Being farm to fork, most restaurants support local farmers, have local beer on tap and offer coffee from a local roaster. Chain restaurants are hard to find and we like to keep it that way. In the summer, Midtown is where it’s at. You can just walk down the street and accidentally run into a huge block party, you had no idea was going on. Or an art show in the park, with crafts, games and music. Options are endless and this guide is going to help give you the tools to make your experience an unforgettable one.

Guide Highlights

Do you love craft beer?

Sacramento is plentiful with small breweries all over town. And most of them are walking distance within the downtown area.

Sacramento always supports local!

You will be hard pressed to find a chain restaurant here. Enjoy all local food, local coffee and even local art hung up in most places.

Guide Summary

Since Sacramento isn't really a tourist city, I've given all the popular local things to do during your stay. We are all about food, art and events. This guide has all the tools and info that will help tailor your trip to exactly what you're looking to enjoy. You will find all the popular restaurants from a morning coffee or juice to a delicious unforgettable dinner. I’ve also included all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants and trust me there's plenty.  Looking for some fun after dinner or a girls night out? Look no further for all the best places to get into some trouble. There's bars with games, bars with live music, and bars for a fancy cocktail. Wanting more of a relaxing and shopping weekend? There's plenty of cute little boutiques and spas right in downtown. You can also choose to get active and rent a bike to bike the American River Trail. I’ve done all the research for you, all you have to do is pick and enjoy!

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