The Baltics on a Budget: Riga, Latvia

Group 6 Riga, Latvia
Summer, Fall
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About the location

Often a connecting point for airBaltic flights, Riga (RIX) can provide travelers with a strikingly large number of things to do in a surprisingly short amount of time. RIX is a small airport located only a half hour from downtown, easily accessible by bus or taxi. Known for it's old world feel, hearty cuisine, and Art Nouveau architecture, this destination is not one to skip when flying through the Baltic countries!

Guide Highlights

Lots of Details (and Live Links!)

All info is linked back to original sources, including specifics about public transportation so that you can hit the ground running!

Thorough Selection of Budget-Friendly Activities

Nearly 30 different recommendations for activities, with most costing €10 or less per person--and many completely free!

Guide Summary

Whether you're scheduled to be in Riga for a few hours or a few days, this guide will serve as a great resource for making the most of whatever time you have! 

With this guide, you'll be able to:
-Learn about some of Latvia's heartbreaking history and discover the memorials that pay tribute to the lives lost.
-Find all the best things to do in the neighborhoods of Āgenskalns, Centrs, Maskavas Forštate, and Vecrīga. 
-Indulge in a variety of culinary experiences at local restaurants. 
-Stay in one of the affordable Airbnb or hostel recommendations in this guide (€30 per night, anyone!?) or live it up in a more luxe 4- or 5-star hotel option!
-Use one of the suggested itineraries for a 6- and 12-hour layover so that you have a concise, step-by-step plan for a super short visit.
-Read up on tips for engaging in ethical travel.
-And much more!

Riga is sure to capture your heart the minute you leave the airport. Don't wait until it becomes a tourist hot spot before discovering this hidden gem for yourself!

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