The Perfect Miami Weekend the 305 way

Group 6 Miami Fl
Spring, Summer
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About the location

From Miami's energetic nightlife, artistic flair, tastes for the stylish side of luxury), and just enough contrast (looking at you: year round warm Miami beaches) to make Miami a frequent getaway of choice anytime of the year. Life in Paradise is just a flight away from Miami.

Guide Highlights

Wonderfull waterfront dining reccomendations

Plan an evening by the water with the beautiful waterfront dining views Miami has to offer.

Relax and unwind at the best hotel spa's

For that much needed pampering post-pandemic when youre looking to indulge in a rubdown and find your inner zen

Guide Summary

Travelers can expect a curated guide of the magic city hand picked by a true miami local. 
So if you’re looking at your weekend and wondering what will you do ? Look no further .. You'll be Chilling under the sun, sipping on cocktails at the best restaurants, and cooling off by the pool of some of the trendiest hotels in the 305.

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Healthy food
Photo spots
Foodie favorites
Laid-back or relaxation
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Girls / Guys Trip
Romantic / Honeymoon
Wellness / Rejuvenating
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    fanny shuster

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but officially a Miamian for 11 years now. When im not working a 9-5 I am planning out adventures and travels with my friends and family. I love to explore new countries and their culture, history and food. With my guides I hope to open up new wonders and destinations to explore.

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