The Ultimate 7-Day RV Road Trip on US-90 West

Group 6 Montana, Wyoming, North & South Dakota
Spring, Summer
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There is truly no better way to see the United States than by hitting the roads in an RV with a group of your best friends. Whether it’s 7 days or 7 months, you set the pace, and there is no rushing through security. As much as we would have wanted to drive across the country for 7-months, we opted for a shorter trip to the Northern/Midwest part of America. In a span of 7 days, we were able to visit 4 states, 5 national parks, 1 state park and plenty of different gas stations along I-90W.   

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The most BREATHTAKING views!

Our 7-day itinerary takes you to some of the most beautiful places in America.

Tips for your budget!

You'll find several tips that will help you save some $$.

Guide Summary

In this travel guide, we will take you through our 7-day summer RV road trip route starting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This guide will take you through:

  • 4 states: South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota
  • 5 national parks: Badlands, Devils Tower, Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Teddy Roosevelt
  • 1 state park: Makoshika

What else will you find in this guide? 

  1. Where to stay when RV'ing
  2. A camping grocery list
  3. Recommendations for hikes and trails
  4. A 7-day trip itinerary
  5. Tips for your budget
  6. A printable packing checklist

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