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This really is your one-stop reference guide to eating in Japan! I spent almost a year compiling a bucket list of over thirty foods to try in Japan and researching the best places to eat them, and I'd like to share my experiences with you!

And the best thing is - despite common preconceptions - eating in Japan doesn't have to be expensive, as this guide will quickly make clear!

Guide Highlights

Learn about Japanese dishes and the fascinating culture behind them

Discover 30+ must-try dishes, both sweet and savoury...and venture far beyond sushi and ramen!

Learn where and how to eat Japanese dishes

Get clued-up on the etiquette of eating out in Japan, then test it out at a range of recommended eateries!

Guide Summary

It's almost impossible to eat a bad meal in Japan, but the language barrier as well as the sheer range of fantastic dishes and restaurants can quickly become overwhelming. This guide breaks down Japan's favourite dishes, from the famous (sushi and ramen, anyone?) to the slightly more obscure (ever heard of yuba or okonomiyaki?) You'll discover what each dish is, as well as the cultural significance behind some popular dishes, such as the pink, sakura-flavoured snacks that appear in springtime.

You'll also discover the very particular etiquette of dining out - a very important consideration in a country known for its community-mindedness, customs and rituals.

Finally, you'll find recommendations on where to eat all of the dishes mentioned in this guide, based mainly around Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima - four must-visit destinations on any trip to Japan!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a guide to Japanese food and where to eat it! If you're looking for tips on sightseeing in Japan, stay tuned for more guides in the future!

Full contents include:

-Japanese food: the basics
-Savoury dishes explained
-Sweet snacks explained
-The culture and traditions behind Japanese food explained
-Tips and etiquette for eating out
-Detailed recommendations on where to eat, for a range of budgets
-Photographic illustrations of the dishes, so that you know what you're looking for!

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    Lucy Cooke

    I love researching and planning trips almost as much as taking them! Especially when it comes to planning where to eat!

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