Three Perfect Days in Marrakech

Group 6 Marrakech, Morocco
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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A cultural blend of the old Middle East and the new North Africa, Morocco doesn’t touch the extremes of either, yet exists “just tangible enough.” Formerly referred to as the gardens of Africa, Marrakech offers visitors a taste of its exquisite flora and fauna that influenced the Romans to nickname this Moroccan gem. Yet it’s the contrast of the juxtaposition of the vibrant colors, spices and motorbike horns of the city bustle against the fountains and open courtyards of the riad oases that expose visitors to an awakening of the senses.

Guide Highlights

Where to eat, drink, stay and shop in one of Morocco’s Imperial Cities

From popular tourist attractions to off-the-beaten path charms, use this complete three day itinerary to make your trip seamless.

An all-encompassing guide for 72 hours in Marrakech

What’s a riad? What do I eat? How do I get around? This guide answers all your questions and more.

Guide Summary

Dive into Marrakech’s history before your trip even begins. This guide introduces the pink city with a historic and cultural overview, while also providing the must-do, must-eat, must-see hotspots to make your trip to Marrakech perfect. Use the included itinerary as a starting point or completely rely on it for a bucket list trip. 

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