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Viva San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

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I like to think of San Antonio as Austin’s cool sibling, who isn’t showy but who is artistic and a bit hipster. San Antonio is like an onion, the more you experience it, the more you'll find. San Antonio is not in your face; some of the best spots are hidden in buildings you would never expect and knowing where to find them is the key.

This guide will share with you many of the spots that locals love and frequent. If you're looking for River Walk suggestions and The Alamo tour tips, then this is not your guide. If you want to know how to experience the true San Antonio, the San Antonio that locals experience, then this is your go-to guide.

Guide Highlights

Get local tips not found in traditional guidebooks.
There's a saying here: "If the tortillas aren't homemade, it's not a good Mexican restaurant." Find out where they make their own tortillas.

Find veggie friendly spots, recommended by locals and some of the best BBQ in San Antonio.
This list provides tips for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. And even if you eat meat, you'll like these veggie-friendly options.

Guide Features

Local Food
Healthy Food
Foodie Favorites
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Hidden Gems
Public Transportation


  • 8 great breakfast spots
  • 8 great lunch spots
  • 12 great dinner spots
  • 12 great bars
  • Coffee recs
  • Cool things to do
  • Wine recs
  • Beer recs
  • Outdoor things to do
  • Focused on downtown San Antonio


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