Weekend get-away in Cologne, Germany

Group 6 Cologne, Germany
Spring, Fall
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About the location

Berlin is too mainstream for you? Opt for buzzing Cologne instead!

Get a feeling for the German culture, topped with a lot of regional customs and traditions that are very unique to Cologne. Whether you're walking along the river Rhine or hanging out with locals sipping one too many Kölsch's (local beer) - you will begin to understand why locals love their city so much.

Guide Highlights

Everything you need to know for a weekend in Cologne - do it like the locals!

Written by a local, this guide not only contains what to do and where to eat, but also gives access to hidden gems and insider knowledge.

Everyone can go to Berlin. But you know better!

Plus, the guide contains so many great breakfast options that you might have to stay longer than a weekend.

Guide Summary

This guide contains first-hand information from someone that grew up and lived in Cologne. It includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options, a sample weekend itinerary, hotels and apartments as well as a list of cool things to do! 

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Local food
Photo spots
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Foodie favorites
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  • Guide Architect

    Marie Utsch

    Marie Utsch

    I’m a mix of German and French roots, I can feel at home anywhere in the world, but I always enjoy coming home to Cologne, Germany. Lived in Buenos Aires, Valencia, Munich, Dusseldorf - let's see what's next!

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