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Group 6 Napa, California
Summer, Fall
$$, $$$

About the location

Napa is known for it's world-famous wine, rolling vineyards and top tier restaurants. Nestled just to the North of San Francisco and located inland, it has the best weather year-round. Even the Summer heat or the Spring rain just feels good here. Accessible by all three major Bay Area Airports, Oakland (50 miles), San Francisco (55 miles) or Sacramento (60 miles). 

Guide Highlights

Napa Like a Local

This guide is 4 years of my experiences, from girls trips, Sundays with my husband and daughter, or one on one experiences with friends.

Experience Comfortable Luxury

The best thing about Napa is its unpretentious comfort. Everyone is given the "Napa treatment" and you'll leave having fallen in love.

Guide Summary

It's a playground for the rich and famous, but Napa Valley has a local heart and soul that one can only experience as a local, through this guide. Get a taste of Napa itself or Napa Valley as a whole, encompassing Yountville, St. Helena and the Silverado Trail. This guide is packed with hidden gems, as well as some of the most famous spots. Perfect for a girls trip or a romantic getaway.

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